Much Ado about Nothing was one of Shakespeare’s greatest comedy plays. Secondary students all over the world are using it as a part of their English courses. Here we are using it to build our creativity skills. My teacher uses a modern version of Much Ado About nothing to contrast against the original making of the play. Our task is to understand adaptation and the depth of the play.

After watching Shakespeare Re-told, in a contemporary version I was astounded by the connectivity between the original and the totally altered version. By altering the movie into a contemporary setting, many changes had to be made in order to suit the entire new setting and language.

The director did an incredible job to portray the main themes of the movie which was deception and relationships. The idea was to adapt to a modern environment which turned out to be a newsroom. This is far different from the original setting of the play. The setting was in a busy environment, with all the 21st Century technology and appliances, it is a setting which basically relates to people like us today. By changing the setting, the language also must be changed.

“Who on earth speaks Elizabethan language in a modern newsroom?”

The use of technology however slightly affected the plot, where Don John tries to deceive Hero.
Apart from the visual differences, the abstract side of the movie is still the same. These include the themes, the character’s personal traits, the personalities, the intentions, humour and the irony.

I definitely enjoyed watching the modern film, because I really understood it well, especially with the modern language. The director did a brilliant job on attaining the theme and abstract side of the movie so viewers can understand that, even though this play was written thousands of years ago, the human character and theme still applies to the modern world.

The best part of Shakespeare Re-told was apprehending the differences between Hero & Claudio’s Relationship, against Beatrice and Benedick’s relationship. It was humorous and spectacular! Kanetha M Phon
Another major difference made were the relationship statuses of Don John and Don Pedro, where they are no colleagues rather than brothers. There were many slight changes to appeal to the plot of the modern setting.
Overall, the movie was spectacular and I would recommend students of those studying Much Ado about nothing to contrast the modern version for a better depth and understanding of the movie. You will gain so much knowledge about love and deception, the consequences and achievements.

All these life traits affected the historical days, and will continue to affect the modern society! From watching and studying this Shakespeare play, I’ve learnt that love consists of a solid foundation (As seen with Beatrice and Benedick) rather than an instant ‘Love at first sight… let’s get married!’ relationship which was Claudio and Hero’s type of love. These are not the only two types of relationships, but were the two main ones portrayed in the movie. After watching this movie, I hope to gain more knowledge about life and how much love can affect it!

Evaluation & Reflection Statement of the Final Product

Decision making

My adaptation of Shakespeare Much Ado Nothing was to create a Movie Trailer of the modernized ‘Much Ado about Nothing’. Throughout the process, changes had to be made to suit the absence of members and limited resource. This caused the change of intention to create a director’s journal of the movie trailer, rather than the actual movie trailer itself.

As a part of the task, I decided to combine with Jessica and Wendy for this assessment task. As a group we planned, brainstormed and came up with brilliant ideas for the task. Our initial plan was to create a contemporary Trailer version of Shakespeare’s much Ado. .  we were asked to create on one scene or parts of several scenes, our original thought process guided us to present Shakespeare in true style by having it acted out. We planned to video it and use a lot of editing for the production. The main aim would require a lot of time and the knowledge of videoing and movie editing. We were prepared for this level of production, yet problems were encountered which prevented us from reaching this goal. This then means a change of plan.

The absence of one of our group members prevented us from producing this trailer; therefore a change of plan had to be made before the due date. Since we had knowledge about director’s plan and brainstorming, we decided to create scripts and drawings of what a director of this trailer would have made. My job was to create the journal and sketch the scenes.


The entire form of the story was changed. Rather than a story, or movie being narrated to the audience a director’s journal was created. A storyboard included insights of what a director of the movie trailer of Much Ado about Nothing would have created. The entire view of the story was completely changed. It focuses more on the director’s plan, rather than the actual story. The director in this case, is creating a modernised version of the adapted Much Ado About nothing. The storyboard of the director’s journal showed how the trailer would have proceeded.

First of all, it was based in our generation, in a normal school yard, with ordinary high school students. The storyboard showed the main scenes that had to be included in the Movie trailer (most significant scenes) yet also had to keep a level of suspense to create curiosity of the audience. The themes were shown in words for the 30second trailer and shots of a few major scenes were included as well as a comedy shot (dogberry and verges). The director of the movie trailer demonstrates the fact that the movie has totally been adapted the setting and atmosphere, yet still kept the same theme and plot, only affected by different technology and social behaviour.

Common Goals & Inspiration

The following links were inspirational clips off YouTube which connected very well to our production. Here are the links to the YouTube videos of their adaption in trailer form. Most of the links were produced by BBC, a company which created many adapted movies/ trailers of the stories of Shakespeare in a contemporary form.  The second one however, is a modernized film of Romeo and Juliet. The language however, was not altered; instead the director changed the setting and background. The themes and plots were all left the same. The final link is a home-made vide of a sock puppet trailer. It well related to what we intended to and this was where we gained our main ideas and inspiration from. Instead of creating the actual video however, we created a director’s journal/sketch of what the trailer of our production would have been.



Overall, the outcome was successful. It displays a great vision of what a director who intended do, to create a modernized movie trailer of much ado about nothing. Ways to improve the product would have mainly been more time and better preparation as well as more equipment. I would have been more delighted if we were to create the movie trailer rather than a director’s journal because it would have been more entertaining and showed that a lot of work was put in. Yet due to lack of materials and resources as well as the absence of me on a few days, it leads us to creating the journal. Still pleased with the results, yet again, could have been better.

The Adaptation Brainstorm

My ideas of adapapting Much Ado About Nothing

My ideas of adapapting Much Ado About Nothing

The modern Setting affected the entire movie!
The modern Setting  affected the entire movie!